Angels of Shadows - Shattered Emanations EP

by Orlok

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Recorded May 2013


released August 2, 2013

Orlok - All instruments and voice



all rights reserved


Orlok Denver, Colorado

Orlok was begun in 2011 by K. Haikara. Orlok is at times (but not limited to) post-punk influenced dark rock, although many things creep their way in.

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Track Name: Shattered Emanations
Like a shock, blazing into the core,
The return, the emanating of the Maya within..
Like a shock, electric and pain,
Eyes like glass, reflecting what lies within..
Sucubus, Queen of Us,
I Lie in Wait, Til Earth Dies First.
Freedom lies beyond grasp,
The pain of the essence within my hands,
Yet So far from Mine...
This is the truth, love lies like glass,
shattered and splintered and electric,
Ripping at the heart, breaking everything around its creation.
We are all children to her, the Queen,
Rising with the scent of Blood and Roses,
And we all feel this pain like the pounding of a heart in shock.
Track Name: Beyond Human
2 - Beyond Human

Come to me and feel my venom.
Let my existence be your curse.
The quiet verse, within the mind,
Repeating beyond repetition,
Until Beyond this thirst.
Is this all we could ever hunger for?
The life so blind, when sight is revealed,
The soul dies first.
To Be reborn, Beyond time, Beyond Human,
A hungering spirit, A cruel wraith,
The Wrath of which Poisons First..
She who feeds upon my blood,
Feeds of ageless curse,
and she who sees me true,
knows my existence,
And I bleed for her, I bleed for her,
Infecting the soul, She to be a Bride of my Hunger.
There in the darkness, the light penetrates naught.
Beyond all light into utter darkness.
Unholy passion between us,
beyond the human concern,
Beyond the grave.
Vampyric passion, vampyric hunger,
to drink the very blood of existence.
Track Name: Eternal Life Cursed
3 - Eternal Life Cursed

Feeling like a human, forgot what it felt like to be so raw.
Emotion left behind, blazing like a velvet electrocution.
Pleasure and pain, Coursing thru my veins.
The thought of you, haunts me, disturbs me,
Makes me feel so very human..
The memory of you, like a scar across the brain tissue.
Aching with a pain, deeper and softer than ebon black.
My vampyric flesh, dead so long, in stasis so long,
is shocked into existence, to feel long buried emotion.
What is this? I've forgotten in my cold tower,
and now I'm trapped to devour myself..
There's No good way out,
Every path is filled with thorns.
No way to not feel this pain.
Eternal Life Cursed.
Track Name: The Abyss of Love
4 - The Abyss of Love

With her caress I am broken
With her glance I am Alive
Down into the abyss of love,
To find a coffin there.
Running from the flesh into the darkness,
which bleeds with exquisite crimson.
We fall into oblivion, And drink of lethe.
To forget the dance, which cursed our love.
The light is cursed and bleeding,
into dust, into soil,
the flesh decays, yet the bone lies exposed.
Alive again, the electric shock of your eyes into my spine.
Let us seek beyond dreams,
Into nightmare edged reality,
Cutting into filth the eternal,
And feeding the inner beast on the flesh of God.
Broken, Dreams, Coming to Life, in The Shape of You...
Track Name: Poisoned Kiss
5 - Poisoned Kiss

Love is destruction under will,
the love which sweeps away, All Devotion.
and pain comes with the breaking apart,
the apocalypse of soul, in her Poisoned kiss..
Nothing stands in the way,
of the shock which burns,
like the sun on my flesh, so long in the darkness.
Nothing can withstand,
when love is born in souls
and two hearts touch thru the eyes..
Love is destruction, will must be made strong,
to survive the shock of Kali's dance in your heart.
Love is Destruction, and it burns away,
All that lies within, and all that's hidden in the soul..
(Repeat first verse)
Track Name: Angels of Sorrow
6 - Angels of Sorrow

There are shadows,
dreadful as dreams,
They gather around,
Like angels of sorrow,
To Strangle you.
There is the evil, hidden deep within,
The Sinister dream of death, Unholy and Aflame.
Like Curses we howl,
Funeral and shrouded,
No More tears to shed,
There's no emotion left,
only the statues of oblivion.
I Feel the slowing down
the flesh which decays
and into eternity shall I forever be delayed.
Hold me now and let the tears fall
I feel them like the rain,
Gentle as the Darkness..
(Repeat first verse)