Roses and Blood EP

by Orlok

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released July 5, 2012



all rights reserved


Orlok Denver, Colorado

Orlok was begun in 2011 by K. Haikara. Orlok is at times (but not limited to) post-punk influenced dark rock, although many things creep their way in.

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Track Name: She Drinks My Blood
1 She Drinks My Blood
Demoness of the night,
riding the moons beams,
falling upon my body.
Demoness, drinking my sin,
into her flesh, and suckling my death forever...

Fucking the night awat, upon a bed of crimson
her flesh melted into mine,
I taste her and she drinks my blood...

Demoness of the moon,
breasts falling and rising,
cosmos burning in her flesh.
Demoness, her soul is ancient as the dawn,
a cruel dream in my soul.

I am drunk on desire, the pulse of cosmos falling,
a sexual dream of blood, rising into the shadows,
to consume of crimson, my heart beating.
Track Name: The Key To Hell
2 The Key To Hell

Woman, she of the furs, kneeling upon the altar,
where sin after sin, is perpretrated in the name of liberation..

Babalon, the Red Queen,
She who bleeds her fornications,
and drink of all your soul..

Chalice of live, her temple the boudoir, her womb the prostitute,
a vampyre drinks of her flesh, and seeks in the darkness,
the keys to life..

There are lies and revelations, a great beast within the soul,
and she is the key to the unleashing, of all the hells on earth.

As fire falls from heaven, to cleanse the sickness,
and all the rot falls away, blinded by lust...

7 are the keys and 13 the calls,
bleed all your life upon her throne,
seek in the crimson, the tear stained veil to rend.
Track Name: Roses and Blood
3 Roses and Blood

Devil child, star of the dark,
Bride of death, corpse beauty, coffin scent..

Roses and blood, at your altar,
Altar of skulls, Altar of sex and

All bloody, serpent dancer,
white stained red, corpse grinder,
Death divine.

Lady of blood, caress me with a burning touch
Lady of skulls, kiss me with your lips of death.
Track Name: Gamaliel's Queen
4 Gamaliel's Queen

Lilin child, touch my soul, and let your black blood fall on to my lips.
Bejeweled as a sapphic seductress, naked flesh glistening in the dark light..

You are mine and I am yours, let our flesh melt into one.
This dream will never end, all the colours drained into blood.

Goddess of the Moon and Sex,
whose blood spills and seduces,
I drink deep of your chalice,
and prostrate myself at the entrance to your temple.

A new dawn of crimson light, winged and cruel she takes me
in her arms and scars me with her nails like talons
which tattoo a new existence upon my evil soul..

Dark hair and pale skin, her green eyes gaze into
the depths of my soul,
and send shivers of lust, to break upon the rocks of the Red Sea..
Track Name: Litanies of Cruelty
5 Litanies of Cruelty

A crucifixion, the saints are studded with arrows,
in their hearts, in their sides,
and burned like witches, the ironies of life.

And as the litanies of Satan are spoke in the chapel,
and as the litanies of cruelty are recited in slumber,
the eye resides in the vulva, of all poisonous parasites.

An incense shrouded barbituate shallow and corrupt,
like venom in the veins, the drugs take hold,
to reach to heights of sorrow.

And corpses are buried to rot then skeletal reminds turned to art.
The pieces of decay that bleeds bruises purple,
a cigarette in the hands of the skeleton.

And I am alone in my shame, looking upon the wallowing seraphim of luxury,
And I am an angel of decay, in my heart pure, as the belching furnace firs,
underworld lit by the pain, the veins of all the sins which reside in the world