Orlok I: Bloodshed

by Orlok

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Recorded early 2012, material from 2011-2012.


released April 1, 2013

Orlok - All Instruments



all rights reserved


Orlok Denver, Colorado

Orlok was begun in 2011 by K. Haikara. Orlok is at times (but not limited to) post-punk influenced dark rock, although many things creep their way in.

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Track Name: Demoness Sucubus
Blood that flows thru the veins,
And falls like Poison upon the Graves,
Earth which drips with the gore,
Skull of man which lay Upon the Gravestone...
Exposed flesh under skin,
(but the) soul is deeper within,
and poison brews in her breast,
As She collects the life spent...
Lilin child of the night,
Ride the night upon my staff
Feel the fire of Hell's glory,
Take me into Your embrace...
A nightmare, zombie massacre,
Demons suckling on her teat,
The graveyard lullaby in my ears,
I drink in her sin and death...
Every moment is of the pain,
Until one with Her, Beyond the Grave,
Like a spike in the vein,
The drugs of putrid scent...
Track Name: Venom Ov Enlightnement
Creatures of the darkness,
Breeding in the nightmare,
Given birth in the womb,
Of graceful Asura Queen,
Who devours Her young..
Half man,
Half Demon,
Born of the lotus,
Stained with the venom,
Angel of Darkness,
Reaching to the dark light...
Vampyric wraith of inner dark,
Realms of Gods touching mans dreadful hours of torment..
To drink of our misery,
and set free out souls, Entrapted within Ignorance..
Night here,
is eternal,
Her beauty withers,
And is reborn,
Into reaches of space,
which flow within,
Drinking of the dews of Hell and Heaven,
Intermingled with the Venom Ov Enlightenment..
Track Name: Violent Awakening
Kill Yourself to become,
the spirit dead within...
Yet reborn into new worlds..
Violent Awakening,
Within the serpent realms...
Blazing spirits of the ever dark,
Burning away the sickness Held..
Kill the soul, Yet into the Blood,
There is Naught but Death,
Which leads into Satan..
A quiet song of illumination,
Flying into the shadows,
Calling out in the Nightside,
Cursing the flesh to sing...
Open the gates,
To the Hells,
and Bleed upon the Fires,
To cleanse the soul
from its Weakness..
Track Name: A World Ov Gore
Bloody remains,
decapitated corpses,
hanging on hooks,
Human Slaughterhouse,
A World ov Gore..
Her flesh is so beautiful,
Eviscerated upon my floor,
My Heart is a flutter,
I Long For Her Gore...
Flayed skin,
Hooked and scorned..
Lying raped in an Alley,
A Ritual of blood,
Magick of death..
Darksome is the dead flesh,
laid out upon my dining table,
Such delicacies are on the platter,
heads and brains, human liver..
Such beautiful flesh,
Bodies naked and bloody..
Track Name: Shattered Mirrors
Mirrors which held,
All of your souls,
And knives which hold,
All my desires..
I Found the cut, stuck it in,
This is now, your life in my hands..
Emancipation, liberation,
all words when drowned,
In your kiss, in your death,
the little one or big, I don't mind which it is..
Fucked and Fucking,
The night into oblivion,
There are shadows here,
to hide my sorrows,
until dawn rises,
and the light shines,
Exposing All My sickness to You...
Shattered dreams,
Shattered memories,
Shattered Mirrors which held,
All the traces of you within me..
Track Name: So Natural
Drugged up and dead inside,
Got a hit to take,
and insides steaming venom,
Spewing misery,
out upon your world,
Like a Wraith I curse,
All Your sleeping children..
Swallow the pills and
storm the earth,
I Am building burning buildings,
Devil's night,
fires of my rage,
Lighting up your sickness,
To all my abuse..
So natural,
You're so natural,
Stipped and videotaped,
Fucking a corpse,
swallowing white poison
and suffering for
the drugs in your veins...
Smelling the scent,
of rot upon your breath,
You're so dead inside, but so am I.
Disgusted by this world,
I burn it down,
A Jungle of whores,
is all death in my eyes...
Track Name: Consume You
I watched you drown,
Far away, so weakly,
fighting for life...
I Lost count, of all the days I watches,
Until your blood stained the Tiles...
Drinking of your sorrow,
Feeding on your pain,
Like a wraith I Consume You..
Nightmares haunting,
your every breath,
And the dead watch over you,
reminding of all your sins,
Can you breath?
The demon lies upon your chest..
Such torment I've never felt,
Like Fine wine I drink in sips,
Slowly savouring every flavour,
Of your ever single tear..
Track Name: The Shadowlands
I wait, in the darkness,
For eternities,
For your embrace, liquid as death..
Here in the Shadowlands,
I Lie Eternally,
Here in the Shadowlands,
Deathless and Pale..
I Am forever, cold in my agony,
A frozen corpse, once a man now dead..
I Am yours, to use as you will,
I Am yours, to live in darkness..
(Repeat first verse)
Track Name: All Is Emptiness
(Dedicated to the masses)
There is a barrier,
between you and I,
Every you being, Every human.
I Am I, A mystery,
and You are You,
And we are all,
Centers of our universes..
I Will not touch, Your filth will fall into me,
I Will not Speak, Nothing you could say could mean a thing..
Man on the street yelling,
about God and the Devil,
I Just tune Him out,
and keep on walking,
Waiting, on edge,
For what next insanity,
Mankind will throw at me..
People are objects, walking in space.
Shiting and breeding and filling the earth with trash.
I have but indifference to them.
The masses wander and the wheel spins on,
Death and war and massacre.
Nothing Matters.
All Is Emptiness.
Track Name: Thirst
Covered in blood, A beauty of death,
A million tears shed, Over her victims..
Queen of the Pain of Souls, Deadly in her Darkness,
Eternally brooding, Among Shadows and Cobwebs..
In Her Heart, Is a Darkness,
And In Her Soul, Is a Coldness..
Beauty has never been so evil,
And sex with her is sex with a corpse..
She drinks of your life, and leaves you lost...
Nightmare mansion in a realm of fog,
she resides cold as ice,
waiting for the fly to land,
In her web of death..
Carressed until blind, then throats slit to satisy her Thirst..